Journey towards the Sea.

                  As the Monsoon wind whispers the message from Heavens , as the soil quench its thirst from leading drops of rain , my senses drown in delight with the erupting scent of soil and drizzles on my face.So is my first letter to you , be gentle on it as I have fed it with time and pain .Thanks for smiling back when I was looking at the gloomy dark sky . You made me a Happy Man again.
From the radiance of your smile I realized the fragrance of patience and echo of silence share a harmony , a serene consciousness comparable to blending of colors in a papyrus bathed in water.I glued my eyes and witness the journey of this eternity or shall I say it as the marvels of nature.An elegance , in the transitioning of darker to the lighter shades , marriage of color with water ,so marvelous yet complex enough to form a fractal of order or chaos ,which ever the artist choose for,ready to be leashed out his mighty strokes..Such a stroke is what i seek to apply on all things where my hand falls .I find happiness in understanding the beauty of things ,as I see the colors of fountain in your hair.I hope you can picture my words in your mind and understand me.I seek to understand from the unknown and the journey took me through dark woods and pale paths , Sometime stumbling upon imaginary rocks.Now I see a glimpse of light around the mountain corner and I think I have almost reached the horizon.Tired and thirsty I took a nap, under the shades of a Banyan Tree .I fell asleep as gentle as a falling feather embrace with the earths husk..The Gods have rested in my courtyard and watched me sleep and the Elegant Peacocks kept me away from the Snakes. I have rivers to cross and pearls of wisdom to collect , scattered over the valleys during my last visit.I will stop here and kiss your blushing cheeks and ask if there is some mistake and hand over you my Garden Lamp.I hope you will guard it until I am back .Let me feed my soul..the poor thing it hauls audible pain.
            Write to me when the tulips blossom in your garden , write to me about the changing colors of the sky above your Garden , write to me the softest spot on your cheek , write to me about the dreams that keep you awake and dragons that rattle you in your nightmares  Let me see if I can slayer or lock them in dungeons or feed them with Pan Cakes, write to me about the man of your life .Share the whispers that slipped away from your lips.Write to me about the smell of fragrance that tame your senses.I shall wait with by Yacht on this shore for more with a glass of White Wine and memoirs of mine .

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