Business Analyst Primer.

23 Tips for a Successful Business Analysis Career Start.

  1. Know the People.
  2. Maintain a positive attitude with your teammates, and take the opportunity to get to know them as individuals. Find out what inspires them and their expectations for working with you.
  3. Keep in touch with your external dependents, such as release engineers, DBAs, and enterprise architects.
  4. Have conversations with other business analysts in the enterprise frequently so that you are always aware of the technical difficulties and future plans for the company.
  5. It’s important to understand the problem before trying to solve it.
  6. Discuss the problem statement with the team, and exchange thoughts and suggestions. An open table will help everyone in the team be aware of the hypothesis and conclusions.
  7. Understand the Solution.
  8. Recognize the essential aspects of the solution.
  9. Form associations.
  10. Draft a swim lane chart to illustrate the solution and run it by Management for approval.
  11. Understand which software modules your project uses, especially the ones developed by our team. This way, you can communicate more effectively with the development team and explain technical constraints to the business team easily.
  12. Recognize the worth that the solution gives.(Value Proposition)
  13. Make sure you have quick and easy access to all your documents for reference and keep a version tracker.
  14. Set expectations.
  15. Outline the BA Deliverable with the Delivery Managers / Product Owner / Project Manager.
  16. Present the templates well ahead in advance so they are aware of where to look for what.
  17. Develop a style of writing that is good.
  18. Write in a Positive Tone.
  19. Mind Map your requirements.
  20. Highlight Calculations in formulas rather than text.
  21. User tables to represent complex conditional business rules.
  22. User Process maps and swim lane charts to represent before and after state change.
  23. Keep it simple (Follow KISS).

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