Agile Business Analysis

Strategies used for harmonizing SCRUM teams as a Business Analyst.

Team Model – Onsite (6 members)/ Offshore(10 members) – Scaled Agile Framework using SCRUM – Fortune 100 Customers Enterprise Application.

  • Select the user stories discussed in PI planning meeting 24 hours in advance to the PI Planning meeting :
    • How to Do It ?
      • Get the list of Epic user stories from the PO . Usually these are high level requirements that the PO prioritizes based on his discussions with the end users. As a BA you will have refined to form Stories(As use-so that ) and Create Acceptance Criterias
      • Present the Completed Stories along with Acceptance Criteria to PO along with the Scrum Team usually a 1 hr meeting will do . By the end of the meeting you should be walking away with the stories that you are planning to present at the PI meeting along with 3-5 smaller extra stories in case if you identify a technical impediment during the PI meeting .
      • Offshore the user stories so they have an idea for what is coming ahead during upcoming sprints
      • Discuss all questions during the PI meeting with the team so developers can list down all the cases and testers can frame out the scenarios
  • Create a Supporting Document and tag that along with the Story Number at Team WIKI –
    • This will include Prototypes designed , SQL Query , XML changes etc
  • Prepare 15 mins ahead of the Daily Scrum about the content you are presenting .
    • Status of Yesterdays Tasks
    • Impediment if any from Requirement side , what has to be done , how it is been prioritized
    • Ask to email / update the Team Wiki with questions or concerns if there are more than 3 during the call.
  • Create a Behavioral Test Model to review the Test Cases.
    • Create Behavior Models for validating the Test Cases to make sure all the Business scenarios are tested
  • Discuss with the Architect Team about the requirement that may probably require sign of from them – so they are well aware when you are presenting them the solutions along with the team during Technical review sessions.
  • Keep Following up with Other Scrum Teams by facilitating Scrum of Scrums.

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