Bliss in a Bottle

It’s astonishing!

That’s why I asked myself why don’t I capture “that moment in time” and live in that “state of bliss” , every single day of my life .What I am talking about here is being in the state of bliss. I wanna know, have you guys ever experience the state of flow like I have? . I tried capturing these experiences and it’s interesting that these ephemeral moments are felt during the simple routines of life. Think about it, you may have experienced the moments of bliss while pushing your limits at the gym, folding your clothes or even at work. You may have experienced bliss while doing these everyday activities because you were paying attention to whatever you were doing and your thoughts were in sync with your actions.

Let me take you through my kind of blissful experience. I was at the local swimming pool trying to add on a few more laps to my routine. Halfway through, I realized I was exhausted and was afraid of collapsing in the water and drowning. Instead of giving into this fear, I realized that there is no point in stopping and giving up. Instead, I shifted my focus from fear to enjoying the process without any resistance , instead of fighting with the water I was able to relax and complete the rest of my laps with ease. I shifted my focus from the pain to the process. I experienced flow with the water instead of resistance. Instead of being exhausted by the extra laps I was energized .

As I look back to those moments, I ponder Can these esoteric moments be developed into a habit? How can we transform our panics to purpose and practice the “Way of Doing “ in to a “Way if Being” embedded into a daily ritual. The harder I search for a way to track when and how I have these moments of bliss, the more I understand that it is like trying to hit air with a stick.

But wouldn’t it be great if we were in this state of flow all the time? Let’s call this being peak-o-matic state. This term means that you are automatically in your state of peak performance or “flow,” no matter what situations you face or what actions you have to perform. The goal is to experience state of being, not a state of doing.


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