• Business Analyst Primer.

    23 Tips for a Successful Business Analysis Career Start. Know the People. Maintain a positive attitude with your teammates, and take the opportunity to get to know them as individuals. Find out what inspires them and their expectations for working with you. Keep in touch with your external dependents, such as release engineers, DBAs, and…

  • Petals on my Pond.

    Petals on my Pond.

    Along with the flowers,  Naked I float ,  in my garden pond. The gentle breeze showers continually,  with the blessings endowed from the Cherry Tree.

  • Ask not but Seek.

    Ask not but Seek.

    Stop giving me back myself when I give myself to you,  Break me or Make me, don’t tell me you didn’t understand me, Did you ever seek to do so? Stop knocking on the doors when there are no walls at all.

  • echo from the valleys.

    echo from the valleys.

    There are truths.. There are lies.. and then there is God

  • Seekers of Melody.

    Seekers of Melody.

    For the seekers of Heaven on Earth, Listen not to the Hyenas and Howls,but to the Hymns of your Heart Inspire your courage and whirl to the melody of the Hymn. For the seekers of Heaven on Earth , Heaven will seek you in every corners of your whirl.

  • Sprinkling Springs

    Sprinkling Springs

    To work and back home, I ride by the green meadows on either side of the road ,  The rumbling thunders no more wake me up during midnights , Spring is here and I see more birds than those on wildlife magazine pages. The days are sunny and bright ,  I am off for Hikes…

  • Journey towards the Sea.

    Journey towards the Sea.

                      As the Monsoon wind whispers the message from Heavens , as the soil quench its thirst from leading drops of rain , my senses drown in delight with the erupting scent of soil and drizzles on my face.So is my first letter to you , be gentle on it as I have fed it…

  • Rushing Meditation.

    Rushing Meditation.

    I walked through the silent chimes , out of the murmuring woods and chirping birds. He belong to a different world ,murmurs the travelers. Give me neither , I have found my eternity in the abode of beings. I wandered as a fool searching for the fragrance of a tulip , my nasals betray me to a…

  • Salutations

    ॐ  माता पिता    गुरुदेवो नमः ।। In the abode of that sound ,which the universe breath. If it is known , everything else , becomes known . In the abode of her, through whom the seeds of my mortal presence was nurtured, In the abode of him, through whom the soul  transcendent, In the…