• The Easy Way!

    The easy way ,in knowing about anything ,comes by doing it,

    the easy way ,in doing anything ,comes by being it,

    the easy way ,in being anything ,comes by knowing it ;

    Thus It becomes that,

    through which,

    if it is known,

    everything else becomes known.

  • Primer

    Walliman has made this the Map of Computer Science . Gives a bird view of the Galaxy !

  • Matters of the Heart

    Whispers of the Heart holds the key to the Heavens .


  • Fluent

    I made fun of failure and I failed ,

    I feared failure and I failed ,

    I fought failure and I failed ,

    I failed so much ,until

    I failed to fail.

  • Keys

    There is a You in Me

    and a Me in You

    let’s get together

    and introduce them to each other .

  • Fruits and Truths

    Knowledge flows to us from every side , collect it .Wisdom grows out of it , plant it .Nurture it , through the storms and rains and rays of your own opinions, nurture it .Watch it blossom .Watch the ripening of its fruits. Catch the glimpse of it against the rays of the sun and taste it . Plant the seeds and share the fruits if you like it. Chop off the roots and spit the truth if you do not like it. Knowledge flows to us from every side, collect it.

  • Longest Journey

    Longest Journey

    Starting now,

    Until tomorrow.

  • Bliss in a Bottle

    Bliss in a Bottle

    It’s astonishing!

    That’s why I asked myself why don’t I capture “that moment in time” and live in that “state of bliss” , every single day of my life .What I am talking about here is being in the state of bliss. I wanna know, have you guys ever experience the state of flow like I have? . I tried capturing these experiences and it’s interesting that these ephemeral moments are felt during the simple routines of life. Think about it, you may have experienced the moments of bliss while pushing your limits at the gym, folding your clothes or even at work. You may have experienced bliss while doing these everyday activities because you were paying attention to whatever you were doing and your thoughts were in sync with your actions.

    Let me take you through my kind of blissful experience. I was at the local swimming pool trying to add on a few more laps to my routine. Halfway through, I realized I was exhausted and was afraid of collapsing in the water and drowning. Instead of giving into this fear, I realized that there is no point in stopping and giving up. Instead, I shifted my focus from fear to enjoying the process without any resistance , instead of fighting with the water I was able to relax and complete the rest of my laps with ease. I shifted my focus from the pain to the process. I experienced flow with the water instead of resistance. Instead of being exhausted by the extra laps I was energized .

    As I look back to those moments, I ponder Can these esoteric moments be developed into a habit? How can we transform our panics to purpose and practice the “Way of Doing “ in to a “Way if Being” embedded into a daily ritual. The harder I search for a way to track when and how I have these moments of bliss, the more I understand that it is like trying to hit air with a stick.

    But wouldn’t it be great if we were in this state of flow all the time? Let’s call this being peak-o-matic state. This term means that you are automatically in your state of peak performance or “flow,” no matter what situations you face or what actions you have to perform. The goal is to experience state of being, not a state of doing.


  • Analyzing Heaven

    Analyzing Heaven

    As Rumi quotes,

    Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing,
    there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
    When the soul lies down in that grass,
    the world is too full to talk about.
    Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other” doesn’t make any sense.

    or was it through Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

    What are we trying to practice every day? If our friendship depends on
    things like space and time, then when we finally overcome space and time,
    we’ve destroyed our own brotherhood! But overcome space, and all we have
    left is Here. Overcome time, and all we have left is Now. And in the
    middle of Here and Now, don’t you think that we might see each other once
    or twice?Infinite thought , you need to understand the  limitless flash of , perfect unlimited gull, control . It always work when you know what you are doing and then focus on control. Fly to past and the future

    Or was that the eastern mysticism rambling of thoughts on duality , should I or shouldn’t I , Am I or Am I not , Is that the shore or the closing tide , is it the Grace of the Sunrise or the calming lights of the Sunsets. When all the three worlds unite I witnessed a seagull resting on top the Cloud Gate.And the windy city whispered in to my ears , how a thousand miles can be seen from the place where I stand.

  • Agile Business Analysis

    Strategies used for harmonizing SCRUM teams as a Business Analyst.

    Team Model – Onsite (6 members)/ Offshore(10 members) – Scaled Agile Framework using SCRUM – Fortune 100 Customers Enterprise Application.

    • Select the user stories discussed in PI planning meeting 24 hours in advance to the PI Planning meeting :
      • How to Do It ?
        • Get the list of Epic user stories from the PO . Usually these are high level requirements that the PO prioritizes based on his discussions with the end users. As a BA you will have refined to form Stories(As use-so that ) and Create Acceptance Criterias
        • Present the Completed Stories along with Acceptance Criteria to PO along with the Scrum Team usually a 1 hr meeting will do . By the end of the meeting you should be walking away with the stories that you are planning to present at the PI meeting along with 3-5 smaller extra stories in case if you identify a technical impediment during the PI meeting .
        • Offshore the user stories so they have an idea for what is coming ahead during upcoming sprints
        • Discuss all questions during the PI meeting with the team so developers can list down all the cases and testers can frame out the scenarios
    • Create a Supporting Document and tag that along with the Story Number at Team WIKI –
      • This will include Prototypes designed , SQL Query , XML changes etc
    • Prepare 15 mins ahead of the Daily Scrum about the content you are presenting .
      • Status of Yesterdays Tasks
      • Impediment if any from Requirement side , what has to be done , how it is been prioritized
      • Ask to email / update the Team Wiki with questions or concerns if there are more than 3 during the call.
    • Create a Behavioral Test Model to review the Test Cases.
      • Create Behavior Models for validating the Test Cases to make sure all the Business scenarios are tested
    • Discuss with the Architect Team about the requirement that may probably require sign of from them – so they are well aware when you are presenting them the solutions along with the team during Technical review sessions.
    • Keep Following up with Other Scrum Teams by facilitating Scrum of Scrums.
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